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About Us

We are company involved in production of agricultural machines and spare parts for all agricultural machines on the area of former yugoslav countries.


One of our successes is the gold medal in Novi Sad fair for tractor sprinkler in 2010. Sure of our success, we give a 3-year warranty for this product.


Rotary Mower 1.35 / 1.65

The mower is the main machine in the line for storing hay. Regardless of the type of each mower must meet the following requirements: universal application (work on flat and sloping terrain), the purity of the cut (for all types of grass without damage), high operating speed and effects, easy and simple maintenance.

Farming sprinkler 220l/330l/440l

Sprinklers are the result of the latest scientific achievements in the field of spraying techniques. The shape of polyethilene reservoir is thus, that it enables regular spreading of spraying agents in the reservoir, which is very important for quality mixing and keeping the concentration even. The sprinkler reservoir is equipped with a litre scale and mixing nozzle. The pump is double-pistoned of 65L/min. Sprinklers fulfill all the requirements regulated in the EU.


440 l

Pump flow rate


Working width

6m / 8m / 10m


5 – 10 Ha/h


image description

Planter for potatoes without depositor

Two-row, semi-automatic machine for row crop planting and processing potatoes. It is equipped with two engines, three dozer work for mulching, seven carriers with hoes for cultivation and management mechanisms. Working width of the working body adjusts.

Number of rows



0.1 ha/h


170 kg

Required tractor power

20 kW

Fertilizer spreader with plastic basket

Fertilizer spreader is designed for spreading mineral, granular and powder fertilizers. Construction MR ommogućava as a waste across the width. Device with two latch allows dissipation of only the right or only on the left side. With paddle control is enabled very precise regulation of the amount of fertilizer.


Farming sprinkler 700L with terrain copying

Carried tractor sprinkler for terrain copying is intended for chemical protection in agriculture. It is made with a 600L and 660L reservoir, 10m and 12m branches and with a 105 L/min pump


700 l

Pump flow rate

105 l/min

Working width

12 kopir m


8 – 10 Ha/h


Planting machine for onions and garlic

The machine is intended for planting onion bulbs into ground. It is a highly productive machine.

Number of rows


Container mass

150 l


105 kg

Required power

40 KS


Trailed Sprayer AGS 2000 EN HV

Featuring a sophisticated design, the chassis is made from high-quality materials to ensure a long service life of the sprayer. Adjustable tow-bar enables the connection to the lower or the upper hitch and provides for the accommodation of different attachment fittings. It features an adjustable wheel track, allowing the sprayer to be adapted to specific user requirements. The entire chassis is protected with a modern double-powder coating system.

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